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Our Initiatives

Take a look at some of our current projects and programs we have implemented to achieve our goal and purpose.

Physical Wellness


Beating Cancer Beautifully

This program was designed to uplift and educate cancer patients and survivors with beauty tips and education on products they use on their bodies and more.


Intentionally PRETTY Retreat

This retreat focuses on the total empowerment of women from the inside out.

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Cancer Documentary

This documentary began with the cancer journey of our
CEO, Christelsie Johnson. It will now include the stories of African American
women effected by cancer. African American women are dying from cancer at nearly a 40% higher rate than white women. This documentary will be used as an educational tool to help in the fight for cancer prevention and health care

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Mental Wellness


Client Assistant Program (CAP)

Intentionally PRETTY Inc. has partnered with
Renewed Journey Counseling Services, LLC to offer confidential professional
assessment and referral assistance for clients and their families to receive mental
health services. This supports those that are underinsured, without insurance, or
can’t afford their copay. Examples for which you may receive support from CAP
-Depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders

-Relationship or family problems, including divorce and abuse
-Job-related stress and anxiety

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Economic Wellness

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Alternative Careers Education (ACE)

This program offers workshops and
scholarships for individuals needing workforce training. Intentionally PRETTY
offers workshops for careers in the entertainment industry. We support training
for programs in alternative careers not offered by IP, by providing scholarships to
help the underserved in their efforts to achieve economic wellness.

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Fearless, Focused, & Fierce for the New Year

Prepare for the new year with an empowerment meeting of likeminded businesswomen!

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